The Difference Between Crow and Raven: In today’s world of a large number of mobile tower installations, we hardly get to see enough amount of birds in the sky. But still, the bird watchers feel relaxed by watching the airplane prototypes staring at the sky. Coming to the differences between a raven and crow, ornithology is not at all required. Just by staring at some of the basic physical features and behavioral characteristics, it is quite easy to distinguish between the birds.

Some of the distinguishing features have been established. To understand the features, no specialization is required. Any common man can trace the facts.

Overall size: The overall size of a raven is bigger than a crow. They look comparatively bulky. The crows are skinny. The size comparison is the first disguising feature to be noticed. Difference Between Data vs Information

Differences between Crow and Raven

Voice modulation: The voice of a raven is resonating and feels somewhat hollow to the ear. It lasts for a longer period. But the calls and sounds of the crow have a high pitch and sharpness of shorter span.

Crow and Raven

Flight patterns: Being more social and moving in large groups, crows flap the wings at a frequent interval. This trend in common in the entire group flying together. But a raven flap the wings to have a gliding movement. It is of a larger duration and appears to float.

Habitat preference: Crows are found in areas where there is sufficient human population. The ravens prefer a calm atmosphere and hence only found in wild forest areas.

Physical features: The tails of ravens are much broader and somewhat wedge-shaped. The tail of a crow is fan-shaped. to give enough lift force, nature has given bigger, heavier and pointed wings to a raven. They also have a bush of hair in the form of a beard under their chin. This beard is absent in a crow.

Life Span: A crow may survive only 8 years but a raven remains alive till 30 years. The reason for such a huge life span difference is not exactly known. A specialist might help in this project.

Nutrition: Crows eat fibers and small insects. Ravens prefer amphibians and small reptiles for diet.

Mythology connection: Crows are the symbol of war and death in ancient texts of Ireland. Ravens are regarded as a god in Northwest America and northeast Asia.

The texture of feather: The feather of the raven appears shiny and wet. In crows, the feathers have light markings but less shiny. These are very minute details and are not observed from a distance.

Thus by this article, a common confusion of the bird watchers must have removed. Though both the birds appear black and are highly intelligent, still nature has given them some features that are contrasting. They are both members of the Corvid family. After reading the article, now one can easily stare at the binocular and observe these birds. But for more detailed analysis, the person may need the help of ornithology.


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