What is Mass?

We utilize the word mass to discuss about how much matter there is in object. Matter is anything you can touch and feel physically. On Earth, we measure things to make sure of how much mass is present there in that object. The more matter present there, the more will be the mass. Normally the size is related to the measure density present but it is not always true, such as a air balloon greater than your head will have less mass inside it than your head. It is calculate on matter present, so it is same in everywhere even in space. Its unit is Kg, which we usually use for weight, but we actually calculate the object mass in Kg.

mass and weight
difference between mass and weight

What is Weight?

It is define as the force created by gravity on the object. Weight is calculated in Newtons (N). Newtons(N) is the gravitational force between the earth gravity and the object. An object will have more gravitational force if it has progressively more mass.

In the space there is no gravity so there is not possible to measure it, you can also say there is not weight on the space. But on the Moon there is less gravitational force as compare to earth, so on the moon the object weight less. Formula (W) = Mass(m) x Gravity(g).

Difference Between Mass And Weight

  • The Mass is same in everywhere where as weight increases or decreases depend of gravitational force.
  • Mass can’t be zero where as weight can be zero in absence of gravity, we can also say mass does not change with location where as weight can.
  • Object Mass is calculated using an ordinary balance such as grams and kilograms but weight is measure using spring balance such as newtons.

So why do we use kilograms instead of newtons to measure weight
People use weight to mean mass because gravity is almost the same in everywhere on earth so we do not notice a difference. But weight and mass do not mean the same thing. If you have some doubt you can contact us.