Differences between Yam and Sweet Potato: Yams and Sweet Potato are the ground root-type vegetables but have distinct features that make them different from each other, and most people are unaware of the difference. Due to this, lots of people confused while buying yam or sweet potatoes. According to some case studies, it found that around 62% of the US population didn’t know the difference between them.

Sweet potatoes are sweet and have smooth skin and moist flesh texture, and has slick like appearance in a discernible tube shape which makes this vegetable more delightful.

It originated from the tropical American regions, and now the mass production happens in northern Carolina of the US, and it has a share of 80% in the world.

Its species vary to white, purple, orange pale yellow, and many more different colors, and have the flesh color according to its respected skin color.

Yam and Sweet Potato

Differences between Yam and Sweet Potato

Generally, two types of Sweet potatoes can be seen in the local grocery stores, the dark skin one, which has smooth orange flesh, and the golden yellow surface one, which has a soft pale white body. check mass vs weight.

After picking, it can stay fresh for 2-3 months in favorable dry and cold climates.

On the other hand, Yams has dark and hairy skin, which comes with a pale white body, and it is quite sticky with a dense texture. Besides that, it didn’t taste that sweet as raw, and it can obtain in 100 pounds.

It originated from Africa and Asia, and Western Africa produces 90% of world production.

Generally, it is quite hard to find original yams in a local grocery store, but it can found some ethnic grocery stores. And, it’s illegal to sell Sweet potatoes as the name of yam, it needs to have printed Sweet Potatoes on food containers to sell.

Sweet Potatoes and Yam have a high amount of fibers and vitamin A which improves digestion.

From where the confusion begins

Yam and Sweet Potato: The Yam term comes through the native Africans who brought to the Newland during the 18th-century slavery, and the first thing they got as the food was the sweet potato, which is distinctly similar to their favorite food nyam. From that point, the confusion started, and all the people think they are buying yam, but there are buying sweet potatoes. The original yams are difficult to found in a local grocery store while it may be available in the ethnic grocery store.


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